We focus on technology solutions that improve performance, efficiency, compliance and sustainability within the energy sector. By leveraging our network and experience we help innovative solutions gain region-specific insights and market access. The technologies are generally application-ready and exist on their own or as part of packaged solutions.

Operational Performance

Energy Efficiency

Regulatory Compliance

Environmental Impact


Although every technology is different and requires an individualized approach, most engagements include some or all of the following activities:

Identify reliable technologies that improve operational efficiency and environmental performance within the energy sector.

Validate the technology solutions to ensure superior performance and reliability in field applications.

Vet the opportunity for the technology to be applied and scaled within specific regions and sectors.

Capture the resulting fuel, operational, regulatory and environmental benefits from the application of the technologies.

Package technologies into complete solutions so that they become actionable to solve real challenges.

Commercialize the technologies by sharing experiences across organizations through direct connections or through industry organizations.

Team Associates and Partners

We believe that the commercialization of the right technologies by applying the expertise and networks of the right team. As such, we leverage our own networks, adding partners and associates where needed.

Keith Driver – Partner

Mr. Driver has served in leadership positions in several environmental technology companies over the past 15 yrs.

Mike Kremer – Partner

Mike has over 20 years experience in heavy oil with Husky Energy developing adept capacity troubleshooting heavy oil and gas related problems.

Wayne Hillier – Advisor

Wayne Hillier is a chemical engineer with more than 30 years experience In Canada’s oil and gas industry.

Cooper Robinson – Associate

Cooper Robinson is a recognized sustainability expert and Managing Director of a carbon commercialization company.

Cap-Op Energy Inc.

Makes sustainability profitable for our clients by removing barriers to monetizing carbon offsets.


Strategic Environmental & Energy Resources

SEER provides environmental, renewable fuels and industrial waste management services. It has partnered with IET to market its patented Variable Volume Vapor Recovery Unit (V3RU™) and V3RU Plus™ technologies. The technology has a wide variety of uses capturing otherwise vented gas and thereby increase the profitability and sustainability of partner companies.

BioPellet LTD

BioPellet is a new granule development and production technology company that combines years of experience into a unique new entity that specializes in pellet production for the agricultural, forestry, lawn and plant care, and water sequestration markets. Visit website.

XI Technologies

XI Technologies is focused on helping you effectively interpret data to make the best decisions possible. XI provides essential software tools for critical research in A&D, drilling, and regulatory reporting in Western Canada. Visit website.

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